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     Their cleaners saved my new carpet. I watched my 5-year-old twin nieces, and they left a few stains. I thought it was headed for the rubbish bin, but they were able to remove every stain. Best cleaning service
Farrah L.21/05/2020
     I live in an apartment in one of the gated communities, and everyone was always talking about how great this house cleaning service provider were. I decided to try them out one day, and they became a habit. Can't live without their services.
     Been looking for cheap cleaners for a while and Carpet Cleaning Services Wapping fit the bill perfectly.
Tim Donovan28/11/2018
     It is so amazing not having to worry about my domestic cleaning anymore thanks to WappingCarpetCleaners. I feel like royalty whenever they've been and yet it barely cost anything. Absolute steal of a service.
Roland Tickering22/01/2018
     I deep clean my home every month. Curtain cleaning is the only thing I cannot handle on my own. I rely on Wapping Carpet Cleaning and they are spectacular every time!
Kathleen B.25/11/2016
     Next time I need a hand with spring cleaning, I'll call Carpet Cleaner Wapping straight away. A couple of weeks ago, I had a spring clean planned and had hired another agency, but their cleaners didn't even show up on the date! I had to find a replacement fast and this company was happy to accommodate my needs. They came on the same day and did an incredible job! I wouldn't hire anyone else from now on.
Felicity D.31/05/2016
     I had been struggling to get my rugs cleaned so in the end, I turned to Carpet Cleaner Wapping. I had one of their expert cleaners take care of the task, to ensure that it would be done fully and well. My rugs were washed and vacuumed thoroughly, so that all traces of dirt and stains were gone. I am pleased with their work and will consider hiring them again.
Eric Romano24/09/2015
     I was impressed with Clean Carpet Wapping who did a carpet clean for me in my office recently. As we had a lot of clients the carpets got dirty. Using this service made a difference and was cheap so I will certainly hire them again in the near future to maintain the cleanliness.
Larry Nelson14/07/2015
     All in all, I think I would hire WappingCarpetCleaners. I called them because my carpet had a nasty coffee stain on it and I didn't want to ruin the carpet by trying to clean it up myself. The contractor was very punctual and very efficient and he was very nice in providing me with advice too. Excellent company!
Claudia 17/03/2015

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